This is a family run enterprise. Our family has been in this business for over 40 years and pride
ourselves in providing excellent value to our patrons.
With personal ties to a number of Royal Houses of Asia and other wholesalers we are in a
position to bring unique pieces directly from the owners. Most of who prefer  to deal
exclusively through us.
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What We Do

We are both wholesale dealers of unique firearms as well as ATF registered importers.
So if you know of an exquisite firearm or just have your heart set on a gem. We would be
happy to bring it to you or facilitate an import.

What's New?

We have recently received a new group of German Drilling rifles. These classic rifles have
detailed engraving with fine  textured wood.
These examples of art are either already or close to qualifying as antiques. And as always we
take pride in bring forth only those choice pieces that pass our rigorous quality standards.